Multiple media types on Sink pads using BaseSink

Tim Müller tim at
Mon Apr 14 01:29:25 PDT 2014

On Mon, 2014-04-14 at 01:04 -0700, Sudhir wrote:


> As I explained above in my query, I have to handle multiple media types
> dynamically, because of this I am developing Sink element without using
> BaseSink class. I can't use implementation similar to decklinksink as
> element has to handle multiple audio and video streams.
> I am facing a problem. In sink element the data of each pad to be written in
> different files. For this requirement I need to have separate chain function
> for each pad.
> How this can be done using GstElement?

You create a new pad and then set the appropriate chain function and
other functions on it, and then you add it to the element. You either do
this in your instance init function, if the pad always exist, or in the
request pad virtual function, if it's a request pad, or whenever you
have to add it (don't forget to activate the pad if you add it at
runtime later).


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