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Tue Apr 15 13:45:55 PDT 2014

Hi Sebastian,

I tested glimagesink on a common desktop pc with this simple pipeline:

v42lsrc ! glimagesink

it takes about 6% cpu (1270x720, 10 fps)

if I revert the change until a week ago cpu usage is 3%

for your info this pipeline

v4l2src ! xvimagesink

require only 0.7% cpu,

is glimagesink supposed to be more optimized than eglglessink? For 
example gstreamer using eglglessink is unable to play full hd video on 
raspberry, will glimagesink fix this performance problems?


Il 15/04/2014 20:38, Sebastian Dröge ha scritto:
> Hi everybody,
> just a short announcement to make everybody aware of the removal of
> eglglessink and libgstegl from gst-plugins-bad. This was the video sink
> that was previously used on Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi and others.
> The replacement is the glimagesink element, which is also in
> gst-plugins-bad, and provides the same features (and more) and is also
> supported on all platforms. glimagesink also comes together with
> libgstgl, a library that contains all the infrastructure to handle
> OpenGL/GLES withing GStreamer.
> If you were using eglglessink before, or were displaying video on
> Android, iOS or the Raspberry Pi, please test glimagesink from
> gst-plugins-bad git master and report any issues you find. 1.4 will be
> released without eglglessink.
> On a related note, glimagesink also has a higher rank than osxvideosink
> and will be used instead of osxvideosink on OSX if available. This
> should notably improve the video rendering experience on OSX.
> Best regards,
> Sebastian
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