ANNOUNCE: eglglessink is removed from gst-plugins-bad

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Sat Apr 19 05:50:28 PDT 2014

Le mardi 15 avril 2014 à 22:45 +0200, Mailing List SVR a écrit :

> v42lsrc ! glimagesink
> it takes about 6% cpu (1270x720, 10 fps)
> if I revert the change until a week ago cpu usage is 3%

We still have a time to fix performance regression before the release.
The performance should be similar. glimagesink is about having a single
full feature gl based sink. You can file bugs, provide data and patches
to, produce GStreamer. Obviously dedicated HW overlay
has used though XV extension are definitely going to be faster then GL


p.s. Maybe we could/should create an alias element eglglessink that
actually is an instance of glimagesink if it's compatible enough ?

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