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Tue Apr 22 03:51:28 PDT 2014

On So, 2014-04-20 at 02:21 -0700, adrien_sch wrote:
> Hello Sebastian,
> I tried to concatenate multiple video file into one without decoding the
> video stream using the playbin element and the signal "about-to-finish". My
> observation is that the second segment sent after the first "switch" (file1
> -> file2) is correct, but all the next (file2 -> file3 or file3 -> file4)
> are wrong (the base attribute of the segment is lost <-> = 0).
> To resolve the issue, I simply catch the segment event, an updated with the
> correct value (base always calculated with the previous base and stop), and
> it worked as expected. I may think that this is a bug because, the first
> the switch is right but not the others, and the playbin element may have
> all the information needed to do the job.
> But maybe this expected behavior is against some others behavior that the
> playbin may support.

This indeed sounds like a bug. Could you create one at , ideally with a testcase?

Inside playbin the streamsynchronizer element is responsible for
adjusting segments in a way that the running time of such multiple
streams played one after another directly is monotonically increasing.

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