dvb: discussion: future of dvb

Stefan Ringel mail at stefanringel.de
Tue Apr 22 07:53:15 PDT 2014

What do you think about:

1. change dvbchannelparse to dbus service
2. add ci+ part to cam implements
3. I missed interaction between user and ca-module
   - sending information/warnings to the user
   - pin rqeuest/replay
   - certification part
   - firmware update
4. an equalant to dvbsrc for microsoft name bdasrc
5. oipf.tv/hbbtv implementation inlc. webkit
6. dvb-hn (brigde dvb to home-network) and the same for isdb and atsc
   - dvb-iptv
   - bcg
   - bridge upnp/dlna
   - dvb-cpcm (Content Protection Copy Management)
   - interactivity inlc. docsis / eurodocsis / ocap
   - firmware update
   - metadata

I hope I have not missing.

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