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Edward Hervey bilboed at bilboed.com
Thu Apr 24 02:26:20 PDT 2014


On Tue, 2014-04-22 at 16:53 +0200, Stefan Ringel wrote:
> What do you think about:
> 1. change dvbchannelparse to dbus service

  That would be a good idea indeed.

  Note that the implementation isn't what matters most here (at least
from a GStreamer pov). The idea would be to have a daemon running which
analyses at regular interval the various adapters/programs, which other
processes could query information about.

  The only thing the gst dvb element would need is:
  * What are the various parameters to tune to a given channel:
   * adapter, frontend, delivery system
   * tuning parameters
   * Program ID
   * Information from the PMT (which PID to use,...)

  Some ideas of other stuff that could be queried (but not mandatory for
proper dvbbasebin behaviour):
  * List of all available channels per adapter
  * PMT (or equivalent information) for a specific channel
  * EPG ? :)

> 2. add ci+ part to cam implements

  What does that imply from a gst point of view ?

> 3. I missed interaction between user and ca-module
>    - sending information/warnings to the user
>    - pin rqeuest/replay
>    - certification part
>    - firmware update

  Tricky. Would require extending the mpegts library to support that.
This is also something that doesn't need to be handled *in* GStreamer
per-se (you can just open the cam device from elsewhere and handle that

> 4. an equalant to dvbsrc for microsoft name bdasrc

  Definitely :)

> 5. oipf.tv/hbbtv implementation inlc. webkit

  Or rather : expose dsm-cc via the mpeg-ts lib. The usage of it is out
of scope, but providing that information from the mpeg-ts lib is
definitely in scope.

  I have some WIP regarding dsm-cc support in mpeg-ts lib, will refresh
it at some point.

> 6. dvb-hn (brigde dvb to home-network) and the same for isdb and atsc
>    - dvb-iptv
>    - bcg
>    - bridge upnp/dlna
>    - dvb-cpcm (Content Protection Copy Management)
>    - interactivity inlc. docsis / eurodocsis / ocap
>    - firmware update
>    - metadata

  All of those seem to be things to be handled outside of GStreamer. If
some descriptors/sections need to be parsed/exposed to handle those
use-cases then that's fine, but the actual handling should be done in a
separate app.


> I hope I have not missing.
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