Installation gst-omx for qcom board

JYbob jinyoung.noh at
Wed Apr 23 02:17:39 PDT 2014

Hi, I'm newbie of gstreamer.

Nowdays, I'm trying to install gst-omx for use of qcom hardware codec.

I already know that there is a gstreamer sdk for android.

I successfully compile and install on qcom board about gstreamer excutable
file and library file(

Excutable file works fine if I make pipeline like this "videotestsrc !
autovideosink" and interface with surface.

I found that this mail :

but I want to install gst-omx-0.10 not 1.0.

so, my command line was 

git clone -b 0.10 git:// --host=arm-linux-androideabi --disable-gtk-doc
--with-omx-target=generic --enable-static --*prefix=??*

When i make gst-omx there are many compile errors and I don't know how to
write PATH for prefix.
and If I get a gst-omx library file successfully, How can I compile with
gstreamer source?

Like in the mail link, just add in file
 is ok?

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