Installation gst-omx for qcom board

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Wed Apr 23 04:36:38 PDT 2014

On Mi, 2014-04-23 at 02:17 -0700, JYbob wrote:
> Hi, I'm newbie of gstreamer.
> Nowdays, I'm trying to install gst-omx for use of qcom hardware codec.
> I already know that there is a gstreamer sdk for android.
> <>  
> I successfully compile and install on qcom board about gstreamer excutable
> file and library file(
> Excutable file works fine if I make pipeline like this "videotestsrc !
> autovideosink" and interface with surface.
> I found that this mail : 
> <>  
> but I want to install gst-omx-0.10 not 1.0.

You should really consider using GStreamer 1.x. 0.10 is no longer
supported by the community and exactly for your use cases (embedded
devices and hardware integration) there are many conceptional changes in
1.x to make this work better.

> so, my command line was 
> git clone -b 0.10 git://
> --host=arm-linux-androideabi --disable-gtk-doc
> --with-omx-target=generic --enable-static --*prefix=??*
> make

You'll have to use --enable-static-plugins too.

> When i make gst-omx there are many compile errors and I don't know how to
> write PATH for prefix.
> and If I get a gst-omx library file successfully, How can I compile with
> gstreamer source?
> Like in the mail link, just add in file
> GSTREAMER_PLUGINS         : = 
> omx
>  is ok?

After the above this should work, yes. You just have to put the
libgstomx.a and into the directory where all the other
plugins are. Which is where your GStreamer android binaries are inside
the lib/gstreamer-1.0/static directory.

Note that OpenMAX IL is not public API on Android, and might or might
not work on other devices than the one you're testing on. Also you will
need a gstomx.conf that is specific to your device (or more correct the
SoC used in your device).

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