AW: Cerbero bootstrap fails on Windows-64bit at cmake

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Wed Apr 23 07:04:18 PDT 2014

Sebastian Dröge-3 wrote
> On Mi, 2014-04-23 at 11:20 +0000, Thornton, Keith wrote:
>> I am still experiencing this problem with 1.2.4 is there any reason why
>> these changes should not be adopted for the next release?
> It probably just got lost on the mailing list... that's why bugs and
> patches should always be tracked in Bugzilla as the risk of things
> getting lost there is much lower.
> For the actual patch, it can't be accepted as is unfortunately as it is
> patching a file that is generated during the build. We somehow have to
> understand how we can tell cmake to create a Makefile that works
> correctly.
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I looked into this one a bit about a month ago. It seems like that this
issue is addressed in a newer versions of cmake. However, it is not
completely fixed. The problem still is that building cmake requires cmake in
some occasions.

The way cmake bootstrapping works is that cmake first makes a cmake command,
with which cmake builds the release version of cmake(.exe). This cmake is in
a bootstrap-directory of the source tree. The bug in cmake 2.8.12 makefile
does not use the bootstrapped cmake command for install and instead uses the
one in the path (which does not necessarily exist).

This is definitely a bug in cmake bootstrapping process, but i was not able
to formulate a clear bug report for cmake in the time frame I had at that


 Juha L

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