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Am 24.04.2014 11:26, schrieb Edward Hervey:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 2014-04-22 at 16:53 +0200, Stefan Ringel wrote:
>> What do you think about:
>> 2. add ci+ part to cam implements
>    What does that imply from a gst point of view ?
ci+ (common access interface plus) (TS 103 205 v1.1.1 from 3/2014) is 
the next generation of ci specification (EN 50221). It controls 
scrambling mpeg-ts streams, the access to recording (DRM), 
time-shifting, output (analog, hdmi, lan)  etc. -> filesink, filesrc, 
rtpsink, videosink etc. -> for lan look to point 5. and 6. .
>> 3. I missed interaction between user and ca-module
>>     - sending information/warnings to the user
>>     - pin rqeuest/replay
>>     - certification part
>>     - firmware update
>    Tricky. Would require extending the mpegts library to support that.
> This is also something that doesn't need to be handled *in* GStreamer
> per-se (you can just open the cam device from elsewhere and handle that
> yourself).
the communication between host and module are not  mpegts sections. And 
we can't open a ca-device in dvbbasebin and a outside apps in the same 
time. What I'm meant was simpler: a callback funktion holder in 
dvbbasebin (like ca_request (ca_massge_type, data) ) and a  reply method 
(like ca_reply (ca_massage_type, data) ). sometimes a ca-module ask for 
additional PID's which dvbbasebin must set.
>> 5. oipf.tv/hbbtv implementation inlc. webkit
>    Or rather : expose dsm-cc via the mpeg-ts lib. The usage of it is out
> of scope, but providing that information from the mpeg-ts lib is
> definitely in scope.
>    I have some WIP regarding dsm-cc support in mpeg-ts lib, will refresh
> it at some point.
that is not true. oipf.tv/hbbtv don't based of dsm-cc. oipf description 
the same like dvb-iptv/dvb-hn specs inlc. isdb and atsc (DAE - 
Declarative Application Environment). oipf and hbbtv are based of html5 
and javascript (edge apps are signalled in PMT -> 
application_signalling_descriptor and is a web url).

oipf.tv specs v2.3:

-Functional Architecture
-Volume 1 Overview
-Volume 2 Media Formats
-Volume 2a HTTP Adaptive Streaming
-Volume 3 Content Metadata
-Volume 4 Protocols
-Volume 4a Examples of IPTV Protocol Sequences
-Volume 5 Declarative Application Envvironment
-Volume 5a Web Standards TV Profile
-Volume 6 Procedural Application Environment
-Volume 7 Authentication Content Protection and Service Protection

>> 6. dvb-hn (brigde dvb to home-network) and the same for isdb and atsc
>>     - dvb-iptv
>>     - bcg
>>     - bridge upnp/dlna
>>     - dvb-cpcm (Content Protection Copy Management)
>>     - interactivity inlc. docsis / eurodocsis / ocap
>>     - firmware update
>>     - metadata
>    All of those seem to be things to be handled outside of GStreamer. If
> some descriptors/sections need to be parsed/exposed to handle those
> use-cases then that's fine, but the actual handling should be done in a
> separate app.
Edward, do you handling drm (dvb-cpcm) stuff outside gstreamer? Is that 
unsave / save? And which part should published service/epg data over 
network and mounting it to rtsp-server?

the same above in 5. all dvb spec are included in oipf.tv specs.

List all dvb specifications:

DVB-IPTV (TS 102 542-1 - TS 102 542-5, TS 102 034 (BlueBook A86, 
BlueBook A166), TS 102 539 TS 102 826, TS 102 905 (DVB-HN), BlueBook 
A115, TS 102 824, BlueBook A128, TS 102 685, BlueBook A144, TS 102 809, 
BlueBook A145, TS 102 905)

DVB-CPCM (TS 102 825-1 - TS 102 825-14)

Stefan Ringel
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