Link libraries in gstreamer-0.10

Mayank Agarwal mayank77fromindia at
Fri Dec 5 02:59:42 PST 2014


I am running make install to generate my plugin .so and .la file in
/usr/local/lib/gstreamer-1.0 directory
I want to change the path so that .so and .la files corresponding to
my plugin will
generate in gstreamer-0.10 directory which is:e

now if i am doing gst-launch-1.0 i am getting the name of my plugins
but gst-launch-0.10 is not showing.

even simple pipelines described in gstreamer tutorials are showing errors
in gstreamer-1.0 but running fine in gstrea,er-0.10

i.e why ii want to register my plugin with gstreamer-0.10

Any pointers how can i do.i have tried using libtool,LD_LIBRARY_PATH
but to no help.


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