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Fri Dec 5 06:49:40 PST 2014

On 05/12/14 13:31, Mayank Agarwal wrote:
> Hi,
> I have following doubts regarding gstreamer filesrc element.
> 1.Source element working details
> 2.Interfaces source element in  exposes,input and output data
> 3.State machine of src element in gst pipeline
> 4.Data flow path in src element
> 8. Threads,handlers in code
> 9.Input and output of buffer
> 10. When the buffer is full how cb is called and in which thread
> 11.Threads callbacks and functionality
> Please help me in finding answers to these questions;
> Regards,
> Mayank
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Hi Mayank, it's very hard to answer these questions. It's hard to 
understand what your question really is. I recommend reading the filesrc 
documentation, the output of "gst-inpect-1.0 filesrc", and gstfilesrc.c 
- it's really simple only 700 lines of code.

When you've done that, if you still have questions, try and ask 
questions which are less massive. This will make it easier for people to 
help you without needing to write a massive lecture. This will make it 
more likely that you will get an answer.


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