How to build v4l2videodec

hubbup hubbup at
Fri Dec 5 18:05:01 PST 2014

I am trying to use v4l2videodec.
I downloaded "gst-plugins-good" and used the master branch.

After building, I just got the following four elements.

video4linux2:  v4l2src: Video (video4linux2) Source
video4linux2:  v4l2sink: Video (video4linux2) Sink
video4linux2:  v4l2radio: Radio (video4linux2) Tuner
video4linux2:  v4l2deviceprovider (GstDeviceProviderFactory)

Can someone explain how to build the video4linux2 including the 
v4l2videodec element?

Thank you

Best regards,

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