Save an MPEG2 compressed file from live stream

Sérgio Agostinho sergio.r.agostinho at
Tue Dec 9 03:01:39 PST 2014

Are properly closing the file? I.e., if you're using gst-launch are you
adding the -e switch to the command, or alternatively, if you're using the
SDK, are you sending an EOS and probing for it on the filesink sink pad?

2014-12-09 11:32 GMT+01:00 Paul Barber <paul.barber at>:

> Hi,
> Continuing with my project to display live video on 2 monitors and also
> save to file, I am confused about how to save an MPEG2 compressed file.
> This is for pictures only, no sound, and on Ubuntu 120.04 with GStreamer
> 1.2. I have tried these combinations:
> avenc_mpeg2video ! filesink
> This generates a file that can be viewed with Totem but something seems
> wrong with the meta data. Totem does not know how long the video is, so the
> progress bar through the video does not work.
> avenc_mpeg2video ! mpegpsmux ! filesink
> This generates a playable file approximately 50% of the time. When it can
> be read by Totem everything looks fine. When it cannot be read, Totem
> complains, "An error occurred. Could not determine type of stream."
> avenc_mpeg2video ! avimux ! filesink
> This generates a playable file. But other programs like Adobe Premier are
> not happy with this MPEG2 encoded video in an AVI container.
> Could anyone give some advice on the best way to save a live stream to a
> compressed video file. Please let me know if you need more information.
> Thanks,
> Paul.
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