Save an MPEG2 compressed file from live stream

Paul Barber paul.barber at
Tue Dec 9 07:37:55 PST 2014

Thanks for the hints,

>Are properly closing the file? I.e., if you're using gst-launch are you
>adding the -e switch to the command, or alternatively, if you're using the
>SDK, are you sending an EOS and probing for it on the filesink sink pad?

I am using the SDK, and not doing either of those things.
At the end I am setting the pipeline to GST_STATE_READY and then GST_STATE_NULL, but explicitly sending an EOS.
So I also need to probe for that on the filesink pad? And do what when it arrives there? - just wait for it, then I know the file is closed, is that the idea?

Thanks for your help,

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