Adding a row to a video frame?

Stirling Westrup swestrup at
Tue Dec 9 09:00:17 PST 2014

We have an application in which we want to add an extra row of 'off-screen'
pixels to a video frame. That is, we want to turn an 800x600 image stored
in an 800x600 buffer into an 800x600 image stored in an 800x601 buffer.
Up until now we've just been using gst_buffer_append() to add some extra
memory to the end of the buffer, and that has worked for single-plane

However, now we want to support multi-plane formats like NV12 as well, and
its not clear if there is some way to append extra memory to each of the
planes so as to add our extra row, without messing up the plane offsets.

Any suggestions?

Stirling Westrup
Programmer, Entrepreneur.
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