gdb extrmely slow calling gst_init()

Spruyt, Randy Randy.Spruyt at
Fri Dec 12 09:27:12 PST 2014

looks like the plugin scanner, where does the plugin scanner cache it's information once complete?

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Le 2014-12-12 10:48, Spruyt, Randy a écrit :
> Using Gstreamer 1.4.4, Windows7 64, Eclipse (Luna), mingw-64, when 
> calling gst_init(), this function is brutally slow in gdb taking 44 
> seconds to return . When running (debug version) outside of gdb, it 
> takes over a second. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this. 
> Adding optimization and removing debug symbols does not seem to help. 
> Anyone seen this?

Is it always the case or only the first time ? I'm wondering if it has 
something to do with the plugin scanner and whatever we do to workaround 
fork() not existing on Windows. But I'm not sure.

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