Gstreamer, how recover from (rtmpsink)error

KPAXIT romants at
Tue Dec 30 09:16:08 PST 2014

Hi list,

I´m building streaming application in python. 
Applications writes data to rtmpsink and to filesink using tee element.
Starting and streaming works fine in ideal environment(network) but what to
do if there is disconnect with streaming server for example? I'm trying to
figure out how I at least can make pipeline write data to filesink and block
streaming part(rtmpsink)... 

*What I'm trying to archive:*
step 1) At least I would like to keep my archive file(filesink) after error
in streaming part(rtmpsink) occur. Hereby we have some backup if error
step 2) Manually reconnect to streaming server. 
step 3) Build some mechanism to check for connection

Is it possible to archive what I'm trying to do?
How can it be archived (dynamic pipeline / probes / extra elements )? 
Any explanation, example or point to right direction will be very much

Gst version: gstreamer 1.3.90 (rtmpsink, faac, x264enc)
OS: ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Streaming server: wowza 4.x

*Test application (code):*  link

*Pipeline after startup(OK):*  link

*Pipeline after rtmpsink error(Failed to write data):*  link

*Log snippet after rtmpsink error(Failed to write data):*  link

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