strange interaction with imagefreeze and input selector

Thomas Green TGreen2 at
Wed Dec 31 13:14:21 PST 2014

I am having an issue where I have a live video stream, an image input with imagefreeze, going through an input selector.... the pipeline looks(vaguely) like this

appsrc --> h264legacyparse --> h264decode --
                                                                                               ----      Input selector ----- videosink
filesrc --> jpegdec --> imagefreeze ------------

I switch from the live stream to the imagefreeze stream and it works well, then I switch back to the live stream, and still looks good.  But when I finally switch back to the imagefreeze stream, then the output is un-recognizable.  Just junk.  Is there something that I'm missing from my pipeline to get the output to be able to switch back and for arbitrarily many times?  Am I mis-understanding how the input selector works?

Thanks in  advance....


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