Any method for checking if rtspsrc is actually connected?

scottyMo220 smoses220 at
Wed Dec 31 12:19:03 PST 2014

So I have a pipeline that starts with an rtspsrc to connect to a video feed
from a router. However, the service running the pipeline may be started
before the device I'm getting video from is actually booted up. I've found
that in this case, my pipeline would still appear to be working normally,
except with no video (I'd see a black screen on my video frame, but all the
element and pad states would appear normal). Furthermore, the rtspsrc would
not get video even after the the target device was booted. 

Currently I am getting around this by checking if the rtspsrc itself has any
pads. I've noticed that the rtspsrc will only have pads attached to it in
cases where it was able to successfully get video from the provided url. I
routinely capture the pipeline state, delete it and recreate, and finally
start the new pipeline until the rtspsrc is created with the pads. However,
this seems like a pretty roundabout way of handing this, and I was wondering
if there might be a more straightforward method of checking if an rtspsrc is
actually getting video? Also if there might be another easier way to have
the source reconnect automatically as soon the router actually comes up on
the network.

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