html5 video streaming (progressive downloading) with gst-streaming-server

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Tue Feb 4 03:00:12 PST 2014


A bit offtopic, since it does not uses gstreamer, but it answers your 

I have used a command like:
dvgrab --format raw - | ffmpeg2theora -f dv -x 320 -y 240 -o /dev/stdout 
- | oggfwd hostname 8000 pwd /xyz.ogg

You create a Web page containing:
<video src="http://hostname:8000/xyz.ogg"></video>
(ogg does not work on IE as far as I know)

You can also use vlc instead of the icecast server hostname:8000.

That's all.

Probably it is also possible to use gstreamer for this.

On 04/02/14 11:27, Jose Antonio Santos Cadenas wrote:
> Hi,
> In Kurento ( we are currently working on this issue a
> similar with live streaming, from to webrtc to video tags, rtp, etc. you
> can get the code at github (
> What we offer is an application API supported in java/javascript and C++,
> maybe it can fit to your needs or at least you can get some ideas from our
> solution.
> Regards.
> 2014-02-04 Frogger <marcox872002 at>:
>> Hi guys, since I am also interested in this topic, I would know if someone
>> found a solution to live stream to a web browser.
>> I have an RTP incoming stream (two stream to be exact: one for video
>> encoded
>> in H.264 and one for audio encoded in AAC) and I want to view it on the
>> browser.
>> Also I need multiplatform compatibility, so Flumotion is not in help (no
>> Windows binaries).
>> What can I do?
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