html5 video streaming (progressive downloading) with gst-streaming-server

Frogger marcox872002 at
Tue Feb 4 03:38:57 PST 2014

I would avoid re-encode input RTP stream, because this would reduce
I receive H.264 and AAC stream, an both seems supported by most web
So what actually I need to do is:

1) receive two RTP streams (audio and video) and depay them
2) mux them in a HTML5 supported container (I think MP4 is good)
3) stream this new stream (sorry for pun) to web browser

Now, point 3) can be done in many ways. With tcpserversink and a tcp server,
shout2send and an icecast server, or maybe with udpsink and a udp server?
Considering that it's a live streaming, I need a solution with the best
performance (= less lag).
What can it be?

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