please help me gstreamer related problem

Tim Müller tim at
Wed Feb 12 01:41:57 PST 2014

On Wed, 2014-02-12 at 07:48 +0000, zwjiang111 xx wrote:


>       Recently I write media player server using gstreamer library, I
> have trouble in using 
> gstreamer API, please help me fix it,  detailed description as follow:
>        I want to test AVI file player MAX,  and write one application
> for playing
> many AVI file at the same time,  but can't play all AVI file until
> some AVI file had finished play,
> then continue to play the rest of AVI file. I guess that resource
> problem is limited.
>      I want to know if gstreamer has limitation , and how to fix the
> problem, thanks.

Computers have limitations. There's no computer in the world that will
play an unlimited number of AVIs at the same time at proper speed.

Perhaps you could provide some more details such as:
 - what hardware/system are you using?
 - what GStreamer version are you using?
 - what decoders are you using? (software? hardware?)
 - what video/audio outputs are you using?
 - how many AVIs of what resolution/framerate are you trying to play?


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