Using the CairoContext from cairooverlay element

superlou lousimons at
Sat Feb 15 05:52:07 PST 2014

> No, you should just be able to use it. This looks like something going 
> wrong with the Python bindings, either on pygobject side or the Python 
> cairo bindings. 

Are there any guides on how one would debug this kind of thing?  Basically,
the extent of my knowledge with the bindings is running dir(context) and
noticing that it doesn't have any attributes for the expected methods.  I am
doing "import cairo", is there anything else I should have done to get cairo

> Are you aware of the rsvgoverlay element (in gst-plugins-bad)? I have
> implemented it just for the same scenario as you (overlaying SVG
> generated from a python app).

> There's also the gdkpixbufoverlay element in -good which also supports 
> overlaying a static(ish) image/logo on top of a video. 

I was hoping to use cairooverlay because down the road I'd like to animate
elements in the SVG.  However, since I'd be using rsvg anyway to convert the
SVG XML into cairo commands anyway, maybe I won't get any benefit of using
that instead of rsvgoverlay or gdkpixbufoverlay.  For my basic use case of
fading in the image, gdkpixbufoverlay has an alpha parameter to make that
easy, though when you say static(ish), is there a way to update thhe
gdkpixbufoverlay file location or update it fast enough to do animation?

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