Using the CairoContext from cairooverlay element

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Sat Feb 15 12:13:18 PST 2014

On Sa, 2014-02-15 at 05:52 -0800, superlou wrote:
> > No, you should just be able to use it. This looks like something going 
> > wrong with the Python bindings, either on pygobject side or the Python 
> > cairo bindings. 
> Are there any guides on how one would debug this kind of thing?  Basically,
> the extent of my knowledge with the bindings is running dir(context) and
> noticing that it doesn't have any attributes for the expected methods.  I am
> doing "import cairo", is there anything else I should have done to get cairo
> bindings?

I think those are the old bindings, for the new g-i based stuff you need
to do: from gi.repository import cairo

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