iOS Tutorials Can not play video file(mov/mp4:H264)

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Wed Feb 19 10:56:03 PST 2014

On Di, 2014-02-18 at 15:59 +0800, jojo wrote:
> Hi,
> My device is iPhone5 with latest iOS version 7.0.4,
> and use the latest version 1.2.3 of Gstreamer for iOS.
> I clone the iOS tutorials from git:// ( and run "the Tutorials 5"
> on my device.
> I select some online streaming from "Tutorials 5", some audio and "webm" container can been played normal,
> but it can not been played if the container mov or mp4 with h264 streaming(the h264 is used in my application :( ), and some error have been reported as bellow:

You need to include a h264 decoder, for this you need to enable the
libav plugin in your gst_ios_init.h. Check the corresponding .m file for
all the possibilities of #defines you can set there.

> Error received from element atdec0: the stream is in the wrong format.
> how to fix this ? any hints will be appreciated. Attached with GST_DEBUG enabled

Can you please file a bug about this at, and
include a) a sample file and b) a debug log? This seems to be a quite
common problem unfortunately.

You can work around that by disabling the applemedia plugin in your

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