Smooth Streaming, ismlmux and Gstreamer

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Wed Feb 19 11:01:41 PST 2014

On Mi, 2014-02-19 at 19:53 +0100, Actarus wrote:
> Hi all,
> I try to make a publish point in smooth streaming with Gstreamer without
> any success :(
> With a smooth streaming encoder, a publish point to push the video on the
> webser server is like:
> http://***website***/folder/publishpoint.isml/Streams(filename)
> So I tried:
> ... ! x264enc bitrate=200 ! ismlmux streamable=true src="http://
> ***website***/folder/publishpoint.isml/Streams(filename)"
> => erroneous pipeline
> ... ! x264enc bitrate=200 ! ismlmux streamable=true  location="http://
> ***website***/folder/publishpoint.isml/Streams(filename)"
> => erroneous pipeline

These are all not working because ismlmux is a muxer, it does not stream
any data to a webserver and has no properties for that.

> ... ! x264enc bitrate=200 ! ismlmux streamable=true ! souphttpclientsink
> location="http://***website***/folder/publishpoint.isml/Streams(filename)"
> => error: 405 Method Not Allowed (no problem with same address with Allegro

souphttpclientsink would do a PUT request with that URL and send the
stream there. I don't think that's supposed to work. ismlmux is only
outputing isml fragments, you will need to cut them into pieces yourself
and also generate the corresponding manifest file yourself.

How is your webserver expecting the data though? What kind of protocol
does it want to get the fragments and the manifest there?

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