Smooth Streaming, ismlmux and Gstreamer

Actarus hacktarus13 at
Wed Feb 19 12:28:54 PST 2014

> > ... ! x264enc bitrate=200 ! ismlmux streamable=true src="http://
> > ***website***/folder/publishpoint.isml/Streams(filename)"
> > => erroneous pipeline
> > ... ! x264enc bitrate=200 ! ismlmux streamable=true  location="http://
> > ***website***/folder/publishpoint.isml/Streams(filename)"
> > => erroneous pipeline
> These are all not working because ismlmux is a muxer, it does not stream
> any data to a webserver and has no properties for that.

Yes, I infer it

> ... ! x264enc bitrate=200 ! ismlmux streamable=true ! souphttpclientsink
> > location="http://
> ***website***/folder/publishpoint.isml/Streams(filename)"
> > => error: 405 Method Not Allowed (no problem with same address with
> Allegro
> souphttpclientsink would do a PUT request with that URL and send the
> stream there. I don't think that's supposed to work. ismlmux is only
> outputing isml fragments,

So why you use isml name ?
The letter 'l' of isml is for Live, why I think is
The plugin must take another name  a ssm muxer or ismv muxer
SSM for Smooth Streaming Media
ISMV because the video file of smooth streaming technology have a ismv

> you will need to cut them into pieces yourself
> and also generate the corresponding manifest file yourself.

I will check if there is no problem by piping the ismlmux from gstreamer in
FFmpeg with their ismv protocol, which make a publish point

How is your webserver expecting the data though? What kind of protocol
> does it want to get the fragments and the manifest there?

About server, check with IIS server.
I think the protocol name is "isml", in FFmpeg project the protocol name is
"ismv" (muxer and publish protocol)
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