Reverse Playback in V1.0

Tim Müller tim at
Thu Feb 20 02:42:16 PST 2014

On Thu, 2014-02-20 at 02:15 -0800, Dave wrote:

Hi Dave,

> The lack of reverse playback looks like a similar bug to the stream
> switching in pause problem with seeking.  Through testing with various codec
> types and containers, I have found the only reliable codec is msmpeg4 in
> quicktime or avi containers.  All others I have tried will either freeze or
> seg fault.  I can file a bug report but would this be a GStreamer or plugin
> bug?

It's usually a bug in some plugin. Note that reverse playback is hard
and it won't work for any kind of file you try it on, but it should of
course never freeze or crash, but at worst should just refuse to do
reverse playback.

Quicktime/mp4 should be very well supported (inc. H264), Ogg/Theora too,
and IIRC WebM also worked at some point. MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS/ASF don't
support reverse playback at the moment (not in 0.10 either, to be sure).

If you encounter any issues, please file bugs against the demuxer in
question (for starters) and make sample files available. Thanks!


Tim Müller, Centricular Ltd -

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