Reverse Playback in V1.0

Dave dave at
Thu Feb 20 04:01:16 PST 2014

Hi Tim,

I was previously using mjpeg in mov containers which was working in 0.10 but
had issues with stream switching.  I chose mjpeg as I wanted I-Frame only
files - frame accurate seeks and steps are also a requirement of my
application.  My files contain 3 video streams only, no audio or subtitles
and I had trouble switching streams in pause (would block when seeking to
flush the new stream) or in play where it would pause for no reason.  I
ported to 1.2.3 to see if this was fixed (which it was) but could not play
in reverse.  So would I file the bug against mjpeg and dv or the mov
container?  Matroska containers also have the issue.  I can provide sample
files, just let me know where or I can put them on my public dropbox.  I
will try Ogg/Theora tomorrow (Adelaide time).  I produce the files from a
video capture card so can be flexible in my format (CPU encode overhead
permitting).  Refusal to reverse and seek failures I can quite understand
but the seek not returning or segmentation faults are much more of a


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