Camerabin - how to specify size of image for capture

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Thu Feb 20 09:32:21 PST 2014

Le jeudi 20 février 2014 à 16:20 +0000, Ian Davidson a écrit :

> I did not compile against libvideo4linux because I did not know where
> to 
> find it.  The trace is below.  If I need to download libvideo4linux, 
> I'll need a pointer as to where to find it.

On most distribution you'll need libv4l-devel or libv4l-dev. Or you can
build it from source:

>From the trace the format you encounter is GRBG, a bayered format that
matches, V4L2_PIX_FMT_SGRBG8. It seems that these formats are not
defined in GStreamer v4l2 support, though GStreamer has an element that
may be able to convert that format, bayer2rgb. One could add this format
to v4l2object.c and test against the converter to see if it's
compatible, Patch would be appreciated. Note that libv4l will do the
software conversion to more common formats. We don't know yet if HW
specific color table are required, or included in libv4l, hence the
reason we did not activate these formats.


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