gstBuffer data is 8-byte aligned. How to change to 16byte aligned without recompiling whole gstreamer framework?

Chris Maes chrismaes87 at
Fri Feb 21 04:19:31 PST 2014

Hi all,

I'm developing custom plugins for gstreamer-1.0 framework. I am
implementing SIMD operations on 16-byte words, yet the gstbufferdata is
only 8byte aligned. Is there a way to enforce this on the gstreamer chain
(or bufferpool or...)  without having to recompile my own gstreamer (and
all the plugin rpms etc)?

I created my custom multifilesink in which I manage to align the data using
posix_memalign. Yet immedeately after I use jpegdec which allocates its own
memory which is not aligned. Yet jpegdec is not so easy to adapt since it
doesn't just use "gst_buffer_new", but looks for a buffer in the

Chris Maes.
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