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On Fr, 2014-02-21 at 01:03 -0800, troywang wrote:
> hi all:
> I wanna using python gstreamer to do something。I use appsrc。  
> appsrc.connect('need-data',need_data)
> def need_data(self,src, need_bytes):
> = self.stream_queue.dequeue()
>         src.emit('push-buffer',
> I wanna insert into appsrc,But it told me needing Gst.buffer
> data,what should I do? 	

You can use e.g.
buf = Gst.Buffer.new_allocate(size)

In theory you should also be able to use gst_buffer_new_wrapped() or any
of the related API in GstMemory, but those currently don't work due to
various GObject-Introspection reasons.

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