Zero copy to OpenGLES texture

Chris Tapp opensource at
Tue Feb 25 13:58:56 PST 2014

Are there any examples showing how to use a video frame as an OpenGLES 2 texture without copying the image using glTexImage2d?

I've got access to the egl image extensions (eglCreateImageKHR), etc., but I can't work out how to convert the buffer into a texture.

As a further complication, it looks as if the target hardware doesn't support pixmaps - if it did, eglCreatePixmapSurfaceHI would probably be the way to go.

Is there some way to wrap a pointer to the frame in a buffer to give either a pbuffer or VGImage which I can then pass to eglCreateImageKHR?

I'm using Gstreamer 0.10 as 1.0 isn't available for the target.

Chris Tapp

opensource at

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