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Tue Feb 25 14:27:37 PST 2014

On Di, 2014-02-25 at 21:58 +0000, Chris Tapp wrote:
> Are there any examples showing how to use a video frame as an OpenGLES 2 texture without copying the image using glTexImage2d?
> I've got access to the egl image extensions (eglCreateImageKHR), etc., but I can't work out how to convert the buffer into a texture.
> As a further complication, it looks as if the target hardware doesn't support pixmaps - if it did, eglCreatePixmapSurfaceHI would probably be the way to go.
> Is there some way to wrap a pointer to the frame in a buffer to give either a pbuffer or VGImage which I can then pass to eglCreateImageKHR?
> I'm using Gstreamer 0.10 as 1.0 isn't available for the target.

Take a look at gst-omx and eglglessink (from gst-plugins-bad). On the
Raspberry Pi those together can exchange EGLImages and render them

In general this will be fairly straightforward with 1.x these days, in
0.10 it's going to be rather painful unfortunately.

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