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Eloi Bail eloi.bail at
Thu Feb 27 13:33:46 PST 2014

Hi all,

I wanted to play with gst-rtsp-server with appsrc to stream and chain
several videos.
I based then my work on gst-rtsp tutorial (test-appsrc.c).

I am able to stream a mp4 (video h264) but I see issues when trying to
switch to the next file.

First, once I had an EOS while reading my first file, I switch the reading
on the second file descriptor, but I saw that rtsp-media.c received an EOS.

To simplify it, I made the file switching after reading 10Mb of the first
Then I am avoiding EOS on rtsp-media.c but the second video failed to

See all the source in

As we are manipulating buffer, I was thinking that I could easily append
But here, I am appending the whole mp4 file (not only the stream data).

So I guess that is the reason why I am not able to stream correctly the
second file. Am I right ?

Would it be a good solution to perform a fseek on data section ? I tried it
but failed...

Any help is welcomed.


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