Android restart pipeline after frame drop

Sveind jonathanf at
Wed Jun 11 17:36:26 PDT 2014


Just started using GStreamer for an Android app that receives a live stream
(rtsp) and while it's working just fine most of the time, there are a couple
of times when you open the app and the video starts to stutter.

I can see on the logs that it's dropping the frames since they are too late,
but no matter what it wont catch up anymore. So my solution is just to close
it and then open it again.

So I was wondering if there is a way to catch that event so I can manually
restart the pipeline or just do a pause and play again but I can't figure
out how to catch that event (Frame is too late, dropping).

My code is based on the Android tutorials and just updated them to work with
newest version of GStreamer. 


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