Queries regarding crash in DFBvideoSink

Manoj89 manoj89vcet at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 22:28:15 PDT 2014

    I am having the following pipeline:

    video frames pushed

   (i) We know that dfbvideosink works in two modes Standalone mode and
Embedded mode.In my case I am using the embedded mode as my application is
going to provide the "DFB surface".

      g_object_set (data->videosink, "surface", current_context->surface,

Since my application provides the "DFB surface" I am using the videoscale
element to resize the video width and height.The problem in case is video
playback happens properly but sometimes it crash occurs like this :

gst_dfbvideosink_get_format_from_caps RGB16 29
0:00:00.134435579  7682 0xac5d40c0 ERROR           dfbvideosink
dfbvideosink.c:358:gst_dfb_buffer_pool_alloc_buffer:<dfbbufferpool0> no
DirectFB context to create a surface

So as I guess the problem occurs in buffer pool allocation for the
buffers.Does anybody have some idea on this why I am getting the buffer pool
allocation issue?

(ii) Below is the log of the crash: 

#0  0xab5658c9 in gst_dfb_buffer_pool_alloc_buffer (bpool=0xb5f16a88,
buffer=0xa9ceb1fc, params=0x0) at dfbvideosink.c:462
#1  0xabc49688 in do_alloc_buffer (pool=pool at entry=0xb5f16a88,
buffer=buffer at entry=0xa9ceb1fc, params=0x0) at gstbufferpool.c:272
#2  0xabc4995b in default_acquire_buffer (pool=0xb5f16a88,
buffer=0xa9ceb1fc, params=0x0) at gstbufferpool.c:995
#3  0xabc4ad19 in gst_buffer_pool_acquire_buffer (pool=0xb5f16a88,
buffer=buffer at entry=0xa9ceb1fc, params=params at entry=0x0)
    at gstbufferpool.c:1099
#4  0xabc25e8f in default_prepare_output_buffer (trans=0xab0540c0,
inbuf=0xab0ed8f8, outbuf=0xa9ceb1fc) at gstbasetransform.c:1577
#5  0xabc2839f in gst_base_transform_handle_buffer
(trans=trans at entry=0xab0540c0, inbuf=inbuf at entry=0xab0ed8f8,
    outbuf=outbuf at entry=0xa9ceb1fc) at gstbasetransform.c:2065
#6  0xabc28ef5 in gst_base_transform_chain (pad=0xac7dc9d8,
parent=0xab0540c0, buffer=0xab0ed8f8) at gstbasetransform.c:2201
#7  0xabc745c5 in gst_pad_chain_data_unchecked (data=0xab0ed8f8, type=4112,
pad=0xac7dc9d8) at gstpad.c:3760
#8  gst_pad_push_data (pad=pad at entry=0xac7dc8a0, type=type at entry=4112,
data=data at entry=0xab0ed8f8) at gstpad.c:3990
#9  0xabc7b14b in gst_pad_push (pad=0xac7dc8a0, buffer=0xab0ed8f8) at
#10 0xabc28fab in gst_base_transform_chain (pad=0xac7dc768,
parent=0xab052150, buffer=0xab0e6d38) at gstbasetransform.c:2237
#11 0xabc745c5 in gst_pad_chain_data_unchecked (data=0xab0e6d38, type=4112,
pad=0xac7dc768) at gstpad.c:3760
#12 gst_pad_push_data (pad=pad at entry=0xac7dc630, type=type at entry=4112,
data=data at entry=0xab0e6d38) at gstpad.c:3990
#13 0xabc7b14b in gst_pad_push (pad=0xac7dc630,
buffer=buffer at entry=0xab0e6d38) at gstpad.c:4093
#14 0xabbe85ce in gst_video_decoder_clip_and_push_buf
(decoder=decoder at entry=0xac7e4208, buf=0xab0e6d38) at gstvideodecoder.c:2657
#15 0xabbefe12 in gst_video_decoder_finish_frame (decoder=0xac7e4208,
frame=0x0, frame at entry=0xab0edf38) at gstvideodecoder.c:2572
#16 0xab54cdd1 in gst_ffmpegviddec_video_frame
(ffmpegdec=ffmpegdec at entry=0xac7e4208, data=<optimized out>,
    frame=frame at entry=0xab0ed188, ret=ret at entry=0xa9ceb8e8) at
#17 0xab54d379 in gst_ffmpegviddec_frame
(ffmpegdec=ffmpegdec at entry=0xac7e4208, data=data at entry=0xa65db108 "",
    size=size at entry=970, got_data=got_data at entry=0xa9ceb8e4,
frame=frame at entry=0xab0ed188, ret=ret at entry=0xa9ceb8e8)
    at gstavviddec.c:1371
#18 0xab54dbc8 in gst_ffmpegviddec_handle_frame (decoder=0xac7e4208,
frame=0xab0ed188) at gstavviddec.c:1491
#19 0xabbe75ce in gst_video_decoder_decode_frame
(decoder=decoder at entry=0xac7e4208, frame=0xab0ed188) at
#20 0xabbea2ea in gst_video_decoder_chain_forward
(decoder=decoder at entry=0xac7e4208, buf=buf at entry=0xab0ed858,
    at_eos=at_eos at entry=0) at gstvideodecoder.c:1757
#21 0xabbebc11 in gst_video_decoder_chain (pad=0xac7dc4f8,
parent=0xac7e4208, buf=0xab0ed858) at gstvideodecoder.c:2037
#22 0xabc745c5 in gst_pad_chain_data_unchecked (data=0xab0ed858, type=4112,
pad=0xac7dc4f8) at gstpad.c:3760
#23 gst_pad_push_data (pad=pad at entry=0xac7dc3c0, type=type at entry=4112,
data=data at entry=0xab0ed858) at gstpad.c:3990
#24 0xabc7b14b in gst_pad_push (pad=0xac7dc3c0,
buffer=buffer at entry=0xab0ed858) at gstpad.c:4093
#25 0xabc04af5 in gst_base_parse_push_frame (parse=parse at entry=0xac7db940,
frame=frame at entry=0xb5f1d860) at gstbaseparse.c:2299
#26 0xabc08fa4 in gst_base_parse_handle_and_push_frame (frame=0xb5f1d860,
parse=0xac7db940) at gstbaseparse.c:2131

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