How to solve av sync/drop buffer in plugin sink element

morris.yang morriscc at
Fri Jun 13 20:05:41 PDT 2014

Dear gst experts,

I am a chip vender and now is developing a audio sink plugin, I met some
problem about the av sync or drop buffer in the sink element.
I know the av sync/drop buffer may result in the buffer can not arrive to
sink element in time, but I don't know what leads to the root cause, why can
not "in time"?Should I fix it in my sink plugin? or need to check other
My plugin is derived from audiosink/baseaudiosink/basesink.

Another question is if I set system clock for all sink element clock, I mean
I set gst_base_audio_sink_set_provide_clock false and set synable, and if
now there is a av not sync problem happenning, how do I know it was caued by
audio part or video part ? If the video drop buffer, it must affect audio?
or it is independant?

Many thanks

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