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I dont know whether it is the right forum to post this. I not I am sorry.

I am using qt-gstreamer to record and stream webcam. I am using usb camera.
I am using ubuntu12.04. In x86  i can able to capture the video using

how can i stream webcam in x86.
 Now coming to ARM.
I cross-compiled qt-gstreamer for ARM cortex-a8 procesor(TIAM335x).

when i am trying to record from webcam i am getting following error.

in terminal

root at Wega-AM335x:~:$ ./recorder -qws

(recorder:801): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_bin_add: assertion
`GST_IS_ELEMENT (element)' failed
Failed to create video source bin: "no element "theoraenc""

in lcd :

One or more elements could not be created. Verify that you have all the
necessary plugins installed.

And when i am playing the player

In terminal

root at Wega-AM335x:~:$ ./player -qws
start: could not open overlay

In lcd
 video is palying but i cant see the video.

I am saying  video is playing because playing time is moving. I could able
to forward the video playing time . But i cant see the video.

Thanks & Regards
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