gstreamer pipeline with tee and mux

Mistry, Amit amistry at
Thu Jun 26 07:38:21 PDT 2014

I am new to gstreamer and trying to achieve attached pipeline using
gstreamer 1.0.

I have implemented pass through empty vp1 and vp2 plug-ins to pass the same
image buffer to analytics mux. I am not sure if my analytics mux
implementation is quite right.

I am trying  "pipeline = gst_parse_launch ("filesrc location=C://my.mpeg !
tee name=t \ analytics name=fmux ! autovideosink \ t. ! queue ! vp1 ! fmux.
\ t. ! queue ! vp2 ! fmux. ", NULL);".

It seems the src pads of vp1 and vp2 is not hooking up correctly with sink
pads of analytics mux. The mux's request_new_pad being called twice with
GstPadTemplate with vp1 info.

Is there something wrong with pipeline string for this case?

Also, how do I ensure the analytics mux is muxing the output of same frame
processed by vp1 and vp2 elements?

Is there sample MUX plugin source available to derive custom gstreamer MUX
plugin and see what am I doing wrong with my mux plugin?

I appreciate any pointers or directions to find answers to my questions.
Thanks! ARM
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