Reduce CPU usage with gstreamer c program

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Sat Jun 28 18:39:22 PDT 2014

Le jeudi 26 juin 2014 à 05:59 -0700, srd a écrit :
> I am using gstreamer c program to stream audio over network. Here I can able
> to stream live audio over network with using both Gstreamer pipeline and
> Gstreamer c code. But when I start streaming audio using Gstreamer c code
> the CPU usage will be 80% to 90%. 

You should try and identify the bottleneck. To do so, I use "perf top".
This profiling tools works on recent Linux with relatively no overhead
on the pipeline. Identify the functions that have highest cost and track
down where this function is called from. This should tell you. My first
guess would be audio re-sampling.


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