mpegtsmux with different audio inputs

nagendra nagendra at
Tue Jun 2 01:59:41 PDT 2015

hi All,

 i have a requirement,in which i am using mpetsmux element, which is having
2 types of audio inputs and 1 video input like 
--> PCM -->|                  |
--> AC3 -->|  mpegtsmux |----> udpsink ---> 
--> h264-->|___________|

according to input, only one audio is available at a time, either PCM or
my mpegtsmux should send single program stream either video+ac3 or video+pcm 

how can i achieve this ?

i am trying like this : but not working

set pipeline to null
unlink ac3 and mpegts 
link    pcm and mpegts
set pipeline to pause, play


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