Problem with the same custom element multiple times

Totoketchup anthony.damato at
Mon Jun 29 14:09:17 PDT 2015

This is an API built by the researchers of my school. It is built to add
redundancy and repair lost packets. And it is not initially built for

My idea for this case is to create a structure :

struct Data {
guint32 PTS;
guint32 DTS;
guint16 size_data; // Size of the data
guint8* data; // data from the gstBuffer in the chain

And I give a pointer to this structure to the API of my professors. But the
problem is about "guint8* data". 
The API is adding a header to this structure and sending it with udpsrc.
After that, during the reception, the API (in reception mode) is removing
this header. So I can cast the structure sent by the receptor to a "struct
Data*" , I can access to the DTS, PTS and size_data (it's working), but I
have a SigSegv error on (pointer)->data.. And I don't understand why. Is it
because I am sending a pointer pointing the data and not the data itself ?
If it is, How can I store the data itself in my structure without using a
pointer ?

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