Víctor M. Jáquez L. vjaquez at
Sun Jun 7 11:33:01 PDT 2015

On 06/07/15 at 11:39am, Bernhard Graaf wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Gstreamer 1.4.3 on Ubuntu 14.04.2 and try to use
> ,vaapiencode_h264'.

Yeah, Ubuntu 14.04 distributes gstreamer-vaapi 0.5.7

> The encoder is available since gstreamer-vaapi 0.5.8 (but needs gestreamer
> 1.2).

I guess you could compile it for gstreamer 1.2 too. But it is better to build
a newer version.

> Gstreamer-vaapi 0.5.9 and 0.5.10 have bugs (compiling error in Ubuntu 14.04.
> for example).

Could you file a bug about it? If you could include the error messages would
be great.

> In some discussions I've found '0.5.11 is the last stable', but I didn't
> found this version in the download area.

0.5.11 is the current development branch (master). AFAIK, it will be released
on July.

> My question: where could I find gstreamer-vaapi version 0.5.11?

You can clone the repo and build it yourself, shouldn't be hard, but it can be
tricky :)


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