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     Le Dimanche 7 juin 2015 20h14, Sebastian Dröge <sebastian at> a écrit :

 On So, 2015-06-07 at 18:00 +0000, philippe renon wrote:
> I have several branches feeding into a compositor and would like to
> delay one or more ot them (i.e. upstream of the compositor).
> One of the branches I'd like to delay has these elements : udpsrc !
> identity ! textrender ! videorate 
> Do any of those elements implement GstChildProxy ?Would it make sense
> to have identity implement GstChildProxy ?

None of them do and it IMHO doesn't make sense for identity. But
compositor's sinkpads do, and you can just set the pad offset on them.

But as always, gst-launch is a debugging and testing tool. Write your
application in a real programming language if you want to do such

Sebastian Dröge, Centricular Ltd ·

Well I need to introduce the offset upstream of a compositor.I can always introduce a second compositor (with a single source) just to benefit from the fact that it exposes the pad offset to gst-launch (which I have to use at this stage...).Not very elegant but could work. 
Is it correct to say that, ideally, all elements should implement GstChildProxy and expose pad properties to gst-launch ?
Is that in line with a hypothetical long term road map or would it just be plain stupid ?

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