how to display video at client side captured from udpsrc

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Mon Jun 15 07:50:00 PDT 2015

Le lundi 15 juin 2015 à 00:13 -0700, gagankumarnigam a écrit :
> I tried to streaming video using RTSP  and UDP (udpsink) from a video 
> source
> v4l2. At the client my programe is running well but it could'nt 
> display
> video . here is my code for server and client Can some body tell me 
> what
> wrong i am doing at client side.

It seems you are using GStreamer 0.10 series, which have reach end of
life few years ago. Have you tried with recent version of GStreamers
(e.g. 1.4.5) ?


p.s. I think you meant to use queue, not queue2, and you missed queue
-size property on v4l2src
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