how to display video at client side captured from udpsrc

gagankumarnigam gagankumarnigam at
Mon Jun 15 20:53:18 PDT 2015

Hi, Nicolos

I am forced to use gstreamer-0.10.29 version with RHEL-6.5(though i tried to
use recent version of gstreamer-1.0 but every time my kernel panic that is
why i used rhel-6.5 already installed version of gstreamer and that is also
my project requirement).

As per your suggestion I changed the queue from queue2 but still same result
not getting display. however i tried cmd line on server side (gst-launch
udpsrc port=8999 ! mpegvideoparse !ffdec_mpeg4 !ffdec_mpeg4
!ffmpegcolorspace !autovideosink") and i got display
I can also use this cmd line with gst_parse_launch() but that is not my

I request u plz help me out in my in my code to display video at client side
since server side it is working properly (displaying video simultaneously
sending same video on UDP(RTSP))

Thanks with regards

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