Data format for hyperspectral images

Dimitrios Katsaros patcherwork at
Wed Jun 24 04:33:00 PDT 2015

Hello everyone,

Lately, I have been working with two hyperspectral cameras, one detecting
25 wavelengths and one with over 1000. I have been using GStreamer to
develop some components for image processing.

One of the issues I have is that video/x-raw is not enough for handling
hyperspectral frames. What would be preferable is the definition of a
video/hyperspectral format, that would allow for passing additional data
and allowing for better frame manipulation e.g. pass the wavelength values
downstream and perform operations on specific wavelengths.

For this reason I have developed a simple version of a
video/hyperspectral-cube format for my components. What I wish to ask is a)
has anyone worked on a similar subject? I have asked on irc but no one
seemed to have relative experience, b) what would it take to get such an
extension approved, since I intend to push the format and components
developed with it upstream.


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