Dir.ctshowsrc in Gstreamer 1.5

Jérôme Laheurte jlaheurte at quividi.net
Wed Jun 24 09:15:24 PDT 2015

> Le 24 juin 2015 à 10:14, Sebastian Dröge <sebastian at centricular.com> a écrit :
> On Di, 2015-06-23 at 23:55 +0200, Yann Jouanin wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> The directshowsrc plugin has been ported in 1.x at the end of 2014.
>> Is there a reason for not distributing it in the 1.5 windows 
>> installer?
> It's not integrated into our automated build system yet, someone will
> have to do that :) It's not going to be trivial though, as it's a
> separate CMake based build system next to the autotools based one.

Yep, I tried to integrate that with autotools at first. Then I spent a few hours trying to find DirectShow headers compatible with MINGW. And then tried to build the DS samples with that. And finally I gave up… Good luck to anybody who wants to do that :)

Best regards
Jérôme Laheurte

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